'Watchmen' Episode 7 Trailer Has A Secret Plan To Save Humanity; Plus: Damon Lindelof Talks About This Week's Big Reveal

There are only three episodes of Watchmen left, which means its time to start getting some answers. Showrunner Damon Lindelof has promised that this is a completely self-contained season, which means we're not headed towards a bunch of cliffhangers. The lingers questions will be answered, and a Watchmen episode 7 trailer hints that we're finally going to learn what Lady Trieu is up to. Plus: read Lindelof's comments on the big reveal from episode 6.

Watchmen Episode 7 Trailer

On the next Watchmen: we learn more about Angela's past! We might learn what the hell Lady Trieu is up to! And poor Adrian Veidt appears to be on trial! How's it going to end? We'll find out very soon, because only three episodes remain in HBO's fantastic new take on Watchmen. I'm very excited about this being a self-contained season, because that all but ensures we're not headed towards a bunch of dangling threads. That's not to say there won't be a second season, but Damon Lindelof has sworn up and down that this season is its own contained story.

Speaking of Lendelof, he recently had a conversation with Collider about the big reveal of episode 6: the true identity of Hooded Justice. Fans had been theorizing that the character might be Will Reeves, and it turns out they were correct. Lindelof says that the Hooded Justice storyline was one of the first things he came up with the show:

"That was one of the first ideas I had. I've been obsessed with who was Hooded Justice, it was this great unanswered mystery from the original Watchmen and Alan Moore didn't want it to be answered, and so I had to start with saying the most active piece of hubris I could possibly engage in — trying to answer who was Hooded Justice. But if I'm going to do that I have to also answer the following question, which is why did he hide his identity? Why was Hooded Justice's identity kept from us?...And the answer was, what if he was an African American man and he had to hide his identity because you could not be a black superhero in the 1940s? You would literally be murdered if your identity was known. That idea scared the living daylights out of me but I couldn't shake it, and the entire season was all about trying to pull that off in some authentic way."

Lindelof also adds: "I just have to give a tremendous amount of credit to the other writers, particularly Court Jefferson...we co-wrote that episode together, but [he] basically pitched Hooded Justice's origin story whole cloth and we shot it kind of beat for beat."

The Hooded Justice reveal is a great way of showing you can both honor source material while doing something fresh and exciting with it. It's just impressive any way you look at it. I'll confess that I was uncertain about how Watchmen would turn out as a TV series, but Lindelof and company have truly delivered something spectacular.