'Servant' Renewed For Second Season By Apple

Apple TV+ hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire, but that hasn't stopped Apple from immediately renewing their original shows. The nascent streaming service already renewed titles like The Morning Show and Dickinson, and now you can add Servant to the list. The creepy series from creator Tony Basgallop and executive producer M. Night Shyalaman doesn't debut until Thanksgiving, but Apple is ready to serve up a second course.

The general public hasn't been served the Servant series yet, but Apple is confident enough to greenlight a second season. The first three episodes of season 1 drop on Apple TV+ November 28, with additional episodes rolling out each week. The spooky TV series follows a couple (Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell) who hire an odd young woman (Nell Tiger Free) as a live-in nanny for their baby. But here's the twist: the "baby" is actually a doll. And things just get weirder from there.

I've seen the entire first season, and while I enjoyed much of it – especially the spooky atmosphere – I found it too secretive for its own good. As I said in my review:

The series is quite good at conjuring up scary moments – it's a slow-burn type of horror, where you feel the dread creeping into your bones like damp weather. The episodes helmed by Shyamalan are particularly adept at building up anxiety, full of long takes and slow zooms that crawl down dimly lit hallways towards rooms better left locked up. But all that damned mystery hangs over it all, spoiling what could've been a strong new horror series. But the umpteenth time someone asks, "What happened?", you might find yourself realizing you don't care about the answer anymore.

As mixed as I may be on the first season, I'm interested in seeing where the story goes from here. I just hope that by the time season 2 arrives, the show will have worked out its issues for the better. All that said, I recommend checking out season 1 when it arrives. The first episode in particular, which was directed by Shyalaman, is particularly strong.