Awesome New 'The Mandalorian' Character That Isn't Baby Yoda Is Getting A 'Star Wars' Black Series Figure

While fans are anxious to get their hands on a toy version of The Mandalorian character that has come to be called "Baby Yoda," another new character from the Star Wars series on Disney+ seems to be getting the toy treatment even sooner.

In the third episode of The Mandalorian, titled "The Sin," another Mandalorian challenges Mando's loyalty and gets into a little scuffle inside their secret base. He's a beefier warrior voiced by none other than series creator Jon Favreau, and now he's getting his own action figure in the Black Series line of toys from Hasbro. Check out the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian action figure below.

Heavy Infantry Mandalorian Action Figure

Mandalorian Action Figure - Heavy Infantry Mandalorian

The Heavy Infantry Mandalorian first gives Mando a hard time after using Imperial-branded beskar to make his armor after landing a big bounty. He and the Mando trade blows and then draw vibroblades on each other. But in the end, The Armorer reminds them of the way of the Mandalorian people, and they're on the level once again. This paves the way for the character to return with a bunch of other Mandalorian warriors when Mando really needs some help at the end of the episode.

As you can see in the images of the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian figure, the action figure comes with the massive gun he's wielding when he lands in the middle of the big gunfight between Mando and a couple dozen other bounty hunters. It's not dissimilar from the weapon that Baze Malbus used in Rogue: One: A Star Wars Story.

Even though Hasbro is calling this character the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian, the credits for the episode list the character as Paz Vizla. What makes that even more interesting is that Jon Favreau previously voiced another Mandalorian character named Pre Vizsla on the animated Clone Wars series. Surely the fact that these two share a last name, albeit spelled slightly different, is intentional. After all, this is the franchise that had Obi-Wan Kenobi in disguise under the name Ben Kenobi.

The Heavy Infantry Mandalorian is a Best Buy exclusive that you can order right now for $29.99. As of now, it looks like it will arrive a week before Christmas, so pick it up for that Star Wars fan in your life. Otherwise, you'll have to wait and see when any Baby Yoda merchandise actually shows up in stores during this holiday season.