Video: Disneyland Christmas Secrets - Tips And Tricks/Must-Sees

In the latest episodes of Ordinary Adventures, Peter & Kitra return to Disneyland Resort to explore the best Disneyland Christmas tips and tricks, a combination of underrated and lesser-known Disneyland holiday options and favorite must-sees. Come along with us, on this adventure!

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Here is a breakdown from the two video series above:

Tip #1: holiday drinks at Trader Sam's tiki bar. We got the Gin-ger Snaps and Peppermint Barks.

Tip #2: the best treat you can't eat. Every year the Grand Californian Hotel has a huge real gingerbread house that's made out of over 500lbs of gingerbread.

Tip #3: Santa's favorite treat. This twist on the classic milk and cookies is seriously yummy. We took a shot of chocolate milk out of a chocolate chip cookie shot glass and I can safely say it was well worth the $8 price tag.

Tip #4: Christmas in your mouth. We are big peppermint bark fans and this bark from the Grand Californian Hotel is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Mmmm!

Tip #5: meeting Santa! Located in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, you can not only get your picture taken with Santa, but you can also decorate sugar cookies and help find treats for Santa.

Tip #6: Carsland is the best holiday themed land. We love the retro vibes and old school Christmas music. We love how creative all the cars themed decorations are.

Tip #7: shortest Christmas parade ever! A fun, festive "parade" starring Mickey and the gang. What we like about this parade is that it's short and sweet and you don't to wait around for it.

Tip #8: Hanukkah celebrated in the window of Julius Katz & Sons store on Buena Vista street in Disney California Adventure.

Tip #9: getting to see 3 festive things all in one spot in 1 1/2 hours. See the flag retreat (4:30), Christmas parade (3:30), and lighting of the Christmas tree (5:00) all in one spot on Main Street. Boom, boom, boom! ???

Tip #10: best Christmas lights. See the best Christmas lights in all of the Disneyland Resort at it's a small world. We looooove these lights and wish we could decorate our house like this. They are so beautiful and will put you in the Christmas spirit.

Tip #11: best short projection show. This show happens every 30 minutes on the front of it's a small world.

Tip #12: the BEST parade at Disneyland Resort regardless of the season. This is Kitra's favorite parade of all time! This parade really puts you in the holiday mood and you'd have to be the Grinch not to enjoy it!

Tip #13: Christmas in Toon Town. Our favorite decorated land in Disneyland is Toon Town! We love how colorful and fun the land is during the holidays, without going too over the top. It looks even better at night! This land has Kitra's favorite Christmas tree in all of Disneyland Resort ?

Tip #14: year round Christmas shop. This shop is the best because it's Christmas all year round. Our favorite thing about this store is the scent machine that pumps out the most amazing cinnamon pine smell ever! This store mainly focuses on Christmas ornaments, the only downside is it seems like they ever go on sale ?

Tip #15: snow and short light show in front of Cinderella's castle. If you can't make it to the Christmas time fireworks (snow falls after the fireworks are over), you can get a little snow show twice a night right in front of the castle at 7:30 and 8:30pm (we talked to a few cast members who actually said if you stand a little further back on main street that's the best spot for the snow).

Tip #16: best holiday sandwich! The Thanks-Mas sandwich is like the best part of Thanksgiving...the leftovers! This sandwich definitely lived up to the hype and was truly amazing. It's a MUST try!

Tip #17: candy cane beignets at The Mint Julep Bar. Just as the Thanks-Mas sandwich was a MUST, we think these candy cane beignets are a MUST for dessert. Warm, fluffy, and delicious (and not too peppermint-y if that scares you). These beignets also came with a chocolate dipping sauce that we didn't get, but we should have!

Tip #18: handmade limited edition candy canes at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Every year during the holiday season Disney makes special candy canes that sell-out super fast. We've never gotten them, but I think this year might be the year!

Tip #19: the best mystery bag plush for the best parade! ? Wishables is a new mystery bag collectible that you know Kitra needs! The problem with these is that they are just all so dang cute. This series of 4 mystery characters is themed to the Christmas parade..... we want them all!