'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' Extended Scene Wants To Know What's Behind The Green Door

What better way to celebrate both the weekend and the digital release of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood than by watching an extended clip of Leonardo DiCaprio singing off-key and dancing around? The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood extended clip below includes a longer version of the "Green Door" scene from the movie, where DiCaprio's Rick Dalton performs on the show Hullabaloo. Not only do you get more dancing, you also get that hilarious little arm-movement and goofy face combo from DiCaprio that was in all of the trailers but not in the final film.

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood Extended Scene

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is one of my favorite films of the year, and I can't wait to pick it up...on Blu-ray. I am a stickler for physical media, and don't like to partake in digital releases.  You, however, might be fine with digital releases, in which case today is your lucky day – the latest Quentin Tarantino movie is now available on digital.

The digital (and Blu-ray) release comes packed with these special features:


  • Over Twenty Minutes of Additional Scenes
  • Five exclusive behind the scenes pieces including:
    • Quentin Tarantino's Love Letter to Hollywood
    • Bob Richardson – For the Love of Film
    • Shop Talk – The Cars of 1969
    • Restoring Hollywood – The Production Design of Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood
    • The Fashion of 1969
      • Those "twenty minutes of additional scenes" include the extended clip above, which has a longer version of Leonardo DiCaprio's Rick Dalton performing the song "Green Door." In the final cut of the film, this scene goes by rather quickly – it's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. It also didn't include an image that was included in all of the trailers: DiCaprio booging down by swinging his elbows up and down while biting his lower lip. Thankfully, that image is here, so you can watch it again, and again, and again. What else are you going to do? Something productive? Pfft, no thanks.

        Once Upon a Time in Hollywood arrives on Blu-ray December 10.