Disney No Longer Considers A Certain 'The Mandalorian' Character A Spoiler - Here's How We'll Cover The Show Going Forward

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the arrival of the first live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian since Disney+ became available in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands. However, discussing the show itself has proven to be somewhat tricky since the end of the first episode features a big character spoiler that is an important part of the show's foundation, and that's challenging for audiences around the rest of the world trying to avoid spoilers until they can watch the series themselves.

Well, Disney has now moved away from classifying this character as a spoiler, because they tweeted about them openly from the official Star Wars account on Twitter, including an image from The Mandalorian. That means we'll be changing how we approach referencing this character in future coverage. Don't worry, we won't spoil who this character is in this article, but we will explain how our coverage will continue from here on out so you know how best to proceed to avoid The Mandalorian character spoiler.

The official Star Wars account on Twitter made an open reference to The Mandalorian character who first appeared at the end of the premiere episode, complete with an image of them. For our part, we've always said that almost any detail used in a film's marketing leading up to the release of the movie is not considered a spoiler. It's material that the studio clearly wanted out there, and unless we deem it to be something truly spoilery, then it's fair game for being mentioned without warning on the site.

So here we may come to an impasse with some of you out there. From here on out, we may reference The Mandalorian character in question in headlines and use the character in header images that appear on the front page and in our social media channels. We will still preserve story details involving this character and the show itself, but since the mere presence of the character is an integral part of discussing the show in the most general of ways, we can no longer avoid mentioning him in order to effectively cover the series.

Obviously we want to be respectful to all those fans around the world who don't have the ability to watch The Mandalorian on Disney+ yet. Unfortunately, since Disney hasn't made the streaming service available worldwide, this is one of the side effects. We can understand if this will be frustrating for some of you, but we must be able to cover this show in a way that is satisfying and informative to our readers who are keeping up with the show each week.

We'll continue with our weekly reviews and spoiler podcast episodes for The Mandalorian, as well as any other articles that might come from future episodes of the series. So if you'll be trying to avoid this spoiler and anything else about the series, good luck, and may the Force be with you.