Werner Herzog Says [REDACTED] Made Him Cry On The Set Of 'The Mandalorian'

There are two things that stand out in The Mandalorian, the live-action Star Wars series on Disney+. One is a certain character we kind of have to dance around to avoid spoilers. The other is Werner Herzog. As great as he is on the show itself, the real fun of this whole endeavor has been hearing Herzog talking about the show and Star Wars in general during interviews. Everything he's said has been fascinating, simply because he's Werner Freakin' Herzog.

So when Herzog was recently asked about that mysterious character I mentioned above, his answer was typically Herzogian and amazing. In short: he said it made him cry. Spoilers follow.

People can't get enough of Baby Yoda on The Mandalorian. Technically speaking, the adorable little creature isn't Yoda, since Yoda is dead. It's just a member of the same unnamed species as the wise Jedi master. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that the thing is so darn cute. And audiences aren't the only ones charmed by Baby Yoda. Filmmaker and Mandalorian cast member Werner Herzog is completely in awe of the creature.

"I saw two technicians operating it remotely," Herzog said to Variety. "One was for the eyes and the mouth, and the other one was for other facial expressions. It's a phenomenal technical achievement and beyond the technological achievement, it's heartbreaking...On the set, it looked absolutely convincing. It made you cry when you saw it."

Picture that, if you will. Imagine Werner Herzog taking one look at the Baby Yoda puppet and suddenly weeping. Just silent tears sliding down his cheeks. Perhaps he whispers something under his breath, like, "My boy, my beautiful baby puppet boy." Just picture it.

The next episode of The Mandalorian arrives on Disney+ this Friday. Hopefully, it'll feature even more scenes of Baby Yoda being a li'l bundle of cuteness. You can see Herzog talking about crying over Baby Yoda below.