'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 8 Is Coming To NBC; Season 7 Debuts In Three Months

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of the best network comedies of the past decade, has officially been given the go-ahead for an eighth season. And no, you haven't missed anything, because Season 7 hasn't aired yet – that debuts in February 2020. But NBC, which rescued the show after Fox cancelled it two summers ago, evidently wants to keep it alive for a little while longer.Variety reports that NBC has given a greenlight to Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8, renewing the series early just in time for other NBC shows like The Good Place and Will and Grace to finish up their runs. The leadership at NBC loves the show, and viewers do, too – Variety says Nielsen's measurements show that season 6 averaged a 1.2 rating and 3.2 million viewers overall in Live+Same Day ratings, a 15% increase in total sets of eyeballs when compared to the previous season that aired on Fox.

Season 7 will consist of 13 new episodes and will debut on February 6, 2020. No word yet on how many episodes will be in season 8, but I expect it to be in that same ballpark; the show used to have 20+ episode seasons when it was on Fox, but dropped to 18 episodes in its first season at NBC.

I came to this series very late, but it's quickly become one of my favorite TV shows of all time. It's a heartwarming blend of lovable characters and often-ridiculous situations peppered with a steady stream of laugh-out-loud jokes, and its characters genuinely care about each other. It may be the perfect television antidote to the godforsaken hellfire real world we find ourselves living in right now.

Despite the heavy sarcasm evident in the video I'm about to embed, this early renewal truly is very cool news.