Hear An Exclusive From The 'Dark Waters' Soundtrack

Composer Marcelo Zarvos (Fences, The Affair) teams with director Todd Haynes for Dark Waters, a legal thriller about an attorney (Mark Ruffalo) who ties one of the world's largest corporations to a series of unexplained deaths. The film opens this month, and ahead of the release, we're debuting an exclusive from Zarvos' Dark Waters soundtrack. Hear it below.

Dark Waters Soundtrack

In Dark Waters, "Corporate environmental defense attorney Rob Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) has just made partner at his prestigious Cincinnati law firm in large part due to his work defending Big Chem companies. He finds himself conflicted after he's contacted by two West Virginia farmers who believe that the local DuPont plant is dumping toxic waste in the area landfill that is destroying their fields and killing their cattle. Hoping to learn the truth about just what is happening, Bilott, with help from his supervising partner in the firm, Tom Terp (Tim Robbins), files a complaint that marks the beginning of an epic 15-year fight—one that will not only test his relationship with his wife, Sarah (Anne Hathaway) but also his reputation, his health and his livelihood."

Lakeshore Records will release Dark Waters—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring music by Marcelo Zarvos digitally on November 22, which is the same date the film opens.

"In addition to my deep admiration for Todd Haynes' work, I also believe deeply in the subject of environmental justice portrayed in Dark Waters," said Zarvos. "I was very inspired by what I watched and read about the incredible work and fight that attorney Robert Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) put up against the chemical giant DuPont. It feels to me like an incredibly important film to come out at this particular point in time with all the political upheaval particularly in the environmental policies being instituted by the U.S. government."

Zarvos added:

"Apart from the idea of singularity and how the score unfolds from a very simple thematic idea, as the music grows more layered and complex, we never lose sight of the basic emotion that is the driving force of Dark Waters. Even in the film's darkest moments, Todd Haynes and I wanted to make sure we never forget the real human cost of what happened in West Virginia. And I believe we managed to achieve that in this score, to keep the film grounded in human emotion at all times, while being faced with some of the darkest and most disturbing facts that affect literally 99% percent of human beings all over our planet."

I haven't seen Dark Waters yet, but I'm a sucker for this type of thriller, so I'll be catching it for sure when it opens next week. The full track list for the upcoming soundtrack is below.

Track List

01. Drive to Parkersburg

02. City Montage

03. Filing the Suit

04. Cow Attack

05. Sea of Boxes

06. TV Reports

07. The Findings

08. Helicopter at Wilbur's

09. Teflon Connection

10. Memo / EPA Hearing

11. Angry Joe

12. Leave This Place / Blood Testing

13. Funny Teeth

14. Still Fighting

15. Bucky

16. Harry's Call Center

17. Opening Credits

18. Meeting Wilbur / PFOA

19. DuPont Deposition

20. Garage Paranoia

21. Rob Brings Report / Wilbur's Videos

22. Dark Waters

23. End Credits