'The Mandalorian' Score By Ludwig Göransson Is Streaming Now

The first episode of the live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian is available on Disney+ right now. Thankfully, Disney and Lucasfilm have wasted no time making the score from the first episode available online for fans to listen to over and over again. You can listen to all of the tracks from the show's first chapter through your preferred music streaming service right now, and we'll talk more about that score below.

The Mandalorian Score Streaming

In addition to being available on Spotify, you can also stream the soundtrack through Apple Music.

Thankfully, the track names for the first episode don't give anything away. It'll be interesting to see how many of the track names from all the episodes mention The Mandalorian by name. In this first chapter, there are three out of the nine, so we're off to a solid start so far.

It should come as no surprise that the score for The Mandalorian is outstanding. Composed by Oscar-winner Black Panther composer Ludwig Göransson, the score features some familiar fanfare moments that are typical of the music for Star Wars projects. But Göransson has also injected a tribal feel to some of the music, which fits right in with the vibe of the Mandalorian people. Plus, there are scenes that have an interesting mesh of techno and orchestral sounds that are totally unique to this series.

Jon Favreau previously said this was exactly what he wanted The Mandalorian score to be:

"I was looking for something that was a little grittier, a little edgier and a little more tech-oriented, something that felt half-tech, half-classic. It was quite impressive how [Göransson] was able to incorporate everything that I was concerned with and then bring his own personality to make it extremely catchy and iconic and have all of the quality and breath of a 'Star Wars' score."

Since there are eight episodes total, we'll be getting plenty more music from The Mandalorian. This episode gave us around 25 minutes of original music, at least as far as what's released on this soundtrack, and if each episode follows suit, then we'll have nearly three and a half hours of Göransson amazing score. It appears that new music will be available after every new episode debuts (check out the episode release schedule here), so stay tuned to your preferred music streaming service