Cool Stuff: The Maps Of Movieland Deliver Wonderful Cinematic Topography

Wouldn't it be great if all the characters, creatures and places we loved from movies existed in one complete cinematic world? Last Action Hero tried to bring us close to that ideal, as did Ready Player One in some capacity. But cinephile David Honnorat wanted to pack even more movies into a fictional world. That's why he created Movieland, a massive map featuring movies as various locations within larger regions like Teenage Islands, Horror Lakes, True Story Hills, Valley of Love, Action Bay and more. But now, in a collaboration with illustrator Alex Chauvel, he's releasing new illustrated maps providing more detail to those genre locations, and they look wonderful.

Check out David Honnorat's Maps of Movieland below and find out how you can get your hands on them.

Maps of Movieland

Maps of Movieland

This first map is more of a representation of the overall concept of Movieland. Honnorat says that's why he didn't include any of the names of the movies next to the little illustrations representing them. But if you look around, you'll see that you probably won't have any problem recognizing various characters, props and more from many of the movies you love.

But when it comes to showing a closer look at some of the regions of Movieland themselves, the following three maps are a little more cool. Not only do they have various movies as locations, but the details on these maps are just delightful. They're almost Where's Waldo-esque. Check them out.

Horror Lakes

First, we have the horror lakes, which include slashers like Halloween, Friday the 13th and Scream. But it also digs into some of the sci-fi horror out there like Alien and Aliens, as well as monster movies like Godzilla and Jaws. The recent horror hit Get Out even made it there.

Mindfuck Forest

Meanwhile, over in Mindfuck Forest we have a variety of mostly thrillers like Black Swan, Fight Club, Mulholland Drive, and Psycho. But then there are movies that also fit the territory's description in a different way, such as Interstellar, The Truman Show, and 8 1/2. It's a little all over the place, but the aesthetic of these maps are so wonderful that we don't even care.

Teenage Islands

Finally, the Teenage Islands are full of debauchery, coming of age, raging hormones, and plenty of quirkiness. You'll find everything from The Breakfast Club to Juno, from Twilight to The Goonies. Some of the more raunchy comedies like Superbad, American Pie, and Mallrats make it on there too.

So how can you get your hands on these posters? Well, you need to support the Kickstarter behind this project. The initial Movieland project started on Kickstarter and is now available for purchase, and the same can happen with these new illustrated maps. If these are successful, then Honnorat and Chauvel can make more of the lands in this same fashion. So throw your support behind this Kickstarter, get some cool perks, and enjoy your wonderful new cinephile artwork.