We're Being Threatened With Three More 'Has Fallen' Movies (And TV Spin-Offs, Too)

Even though most sane individuals can agree that the Has Fallen franchise, starring Gerard Butler as a murderous secret service agent, has run its course, we're probably not done with it yet. Producer Alan Siegel is threatening us all with possible three more Has Fallen movies, and also local-language TV spin-offs that could tie into the future films.

Look, I feel like I'm partially to blame for this. I will freely admit to enjoying Olympus Has Fallen. Yes, it's trash. Yes, it's a shameless Die Hard knock-off. But what can I say? I enjoyed watching Gerard Butler fight terrorists in the White House. I can't say the same thing for the follow-up, London Has Fallen, which was a hateful xenophobic shit show. And I didn't even bother to see the most recent film, Angel Has Fallen. But maybe if I had just shunned this franchise from the start, we wouldn't be here. But...here we are. On the cusp of three more of these damn movies.

While speaking at the American Film Market's finance conference (sounds thrilling!), franchise producer Alan Siegel said that they're looking into making a "fourth, fifth and even sixth entry in the series" (per Deadline). There's also chatter about local-language TV spin-offs that would take the concept global, and possibly tie into the film series. "If we do it in India, the star of that could come into Angel Has Fallen 4. It could be a symbiotic relationship," Siegel said.

The international angle makes sense. The Has Fallen movies have hauled in $500m at the global box office, with a major amount of that coming from international audiences.

In Olympus Has Fallen, Gerard Butler played secret service agent Mike Banning, who springs into action when terrorists take over the White House. In London Has Fallen, Mike and the President of the United States headed to London to attend the Prime Minister's funeral, only to get caught in the midst of a major terrorist attack. Angel Has Fallen attempted to change the formula up a bit by having Mike be framed for the attempted assassination of the president. Also, Nick Nolte showed up and growled at people.

I'm really not sure where the series could even go from here, but hey, I'll let the folks behind these movies figure that out. What could fall next? How about something in space? The Moon Has Fallen, maybe? Or perhaps we should think smaller. Scale things back a little bit. A Vase of Flowers Has Fallen. I don't know, just spitballing here. In any case, I'm sure Gerard Butler will be game for more of these because he's a good sport.