Disney+ Will Be Available On Amazon Fire TV Following Last-Minute Deal

From the "cutting it close" file: Disney and Amazon have just now struck a deal to make Disney+ available on Amazon Fire TV. Disney and Amazon have had a less-than-friendly relationship in the past, with the online retailer blocking Disney and Marvel movies from pre-orders, and even restricting sales of some Disney titles. When Disney announced plans to release Disney+ over the summer, they listed several platforms the streaming service would be available – and Amazon was not among them. But they've decided to put their differences aside. For now.

In August, Disney announced that Disney+, its upcoming streaming service, would be available on devices from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony, and Roku. Notably absent: Amazon. This wasn't a complete surprise: Disney and Amazon have had a bumpy relationship, with Amazon often restricting access to Disney products. There's no personal vendetta here – rather, Amazon is likely trying to put Disney's feet to the fire to get better contracts and deals with the mega-studio. As the WSJ reported last month:

Amazon is pushing for the right to sell a substantial percentage of the ad space on Disney apps, and Disney has so far resisted, according to people familiar with the situation. Some of these people say they are optimistic the companies will reach an agreement. If they don't, Disney apps could be removed from Fire TV, the second-largest distributor of streaming TV apps. Disney has several apps, including for networks such as ABC, ESPN and Disney Channel.

If you have an Amazon device and were worried you wouldn't be able to access Disney+ when it launches next week, worry no more. Variety says that Disney and Amazon have worked out a deal to have Disney+ available on Fire TV streaming devices, Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and compatible Fire Tablets. This means Amazon and Disney have worked out some sort of deal, but the specifics aren't available at this time.

Ultimately, this makes sense. Amazon Fire TV is one of the world's largest streaming platforms, so for Disney to not work out some sort of deal with them would be foolish and lose them lots of potential customers. And since Disney and Amazon are both giant billion-dollar companies that only care about making more money, it's okay to let them duke it out like a pair of monstrous Kaiju and not get too bent out of shape in the process.

Disney+ launches November 12.