LOL: Watch Hilarious 'Stranger Things' Bloopers From All Three Seasons

Even though Stranger Things is a show full of sci-fi terror and suspense, there are times when even the most serious moments are interrupted with laughter thanks to a flub on set. Even though Stranger Things hasn't been given a home video release full of a lot of special features going behind the scenes of the series, Netflix has thankfully given us some glimpses at the making of the pop culture phenomenon. This week they gave fans the gift of Stranger Things bloopers from all three seasons.

Stranger Things Bloopers - Season 1

It seems like maybe Netflix wasn't quite as prepared for Stranger Things to become such a huge hit, because this is the shortest blooper reel out of all the seasons. Then again, maybe it's just because there weren't a lot of funny bloopers on set. But I have to say, that explosion of milk in Finn Wolfhard's face is pretty great.

The bloopers here show that the cast of Stranger Things was a little more aware that they were going to be watched by a large audience. They're not exactly hamming it up, but it seems like they're having a little more fun with the mistakes they make during production.

Finally, now that the kids have grown into teenagers, they're definitely enjoying themselves in a much different way. It's crazy to see how much they've grown up since the first season. Plus, you really get a feel for how much more comfortable with each other. In the first season, it's clear they're still a little nervous and not fully great friends yet, but here it's like watching a family work together.