Streaming Service News: Apple TV+ Shows Debut Soft, Disney+ Hits The UK In March, And Netflix Might Stop Working On Some Smart TVs

Well, it's happened. There are so many streaming services now we have to round-up the news about them into one big post. I hope you're happy. Here's what's new on the streaming service front: Apple TV+ has launched, but no one seems to care. But hey, Apple just renewed a bunch of shows anyway. Disney+, meanwhile, is about to kick-off in the U.S., but won't arrive in the U.K. until March. And finally, if you have an older Samsung Smart TV, you might not be able to watch Netflix in December.

Apple TV+'s Soft Launch

Hey, did you know Apple TV+ is live? More than a few people seem to be unaware of this fact, and it's showing. Parrot Analytics examined the 24-hour period following the Apple TV+ launch, then compared it against the same demand levels following the release of all the other new streaming titles debuting in 2019 (via Variety). The results weren't great. Of all the Apple TV+ shows, only one – See – cracked the top 20.

The Morning Show, perhaps the most high-profile series on Apple TV+, seems to have performed the worst. Ouch. Despite all this, Apple has gone ahead and renewed almost everything. They actually revealed this news weeks ago, but for some reason, it's making the rounds again today. According to THRDickinson, See, and For All Mankind and The Morning Show have all been given second seasons.

Disney+ Across the Pond and Beyond

Disney+ goes live in the U.S. on November 12, but there's been no word about other countries – until now. Disney has confirmed that on March 31 the service will be live in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, with more locations announced soon.

Netflix Woes for Smart TVs

Do you have a Samsung Smart TV from 2010 and 2011? If so, you might run into some trouble next month trying to watch Netflix. Samsung has announced that "Due to technical limitations, Netflix will no longer be supported on 2010 and 2011 TVs beginning on December 1st, 2019." They add:

If you have one of the affected models, you may see a message on your TV indicating that Netflix will no longer be available on this device. You'll still be able to watch Netflix on your TV by connecting another device with Netflix on it.

Although some of our older TV's (2010 and 2011 models, with C or D after the screen size in the model code) will no longer support Netflix directly beginning December 1st, 2019, many other devices you may have connected to your TV are still supported. You can find a list from Netflix at As long as you have one of the supported devices, like a game console, streaming media player, or set-top box, you'll still be able to watch Netflix on your TV

So head's up. And hey, Black Friday deals are coming. Why not splurge on a new TV anyway? That's how capitalism works, baby!