'The Invisible Man' Trailer: Elisabeth Moss Is Haunted By Something Unseen

Elisabeth Moss is in serious trouble in The Invisible Man, a new take on the classic Universal horror movie. Far removed from the original H.G. Wells story that inspired it as well as the original 1933 movie directed by James Whale, this new The Invisible Man comes from Leigh Whannell, writer of Insidious and director of Upgrade. Elisabeth Moss plays a woman who escapes an abusive relationship only to find herself tormented by an invisible force. Watch The Invisible Man trailer below.

The Invisible Man Trailer

After the failed Dark Universe, can Universal get back on track with their classic monsters? As a fan of the Universal Monsters, I sure hope so. The studio definitely seem to be going down the right path with The Invisible Man, which has Leigh Whannell putting a modern spin on this classic tale.

In The Invisible Man, Elisabeth Moss plays Cecilia Klass, a woman trapped in a violent relationship with a scientist, played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Cecilia is able to finally get away from her abusive relationship only to learn that her scientist boyfriend has died by suicide. Or has he? Cecilia is soon being attacked by something – or someone – unseen, and she starts to suspect that her ex isn't dead after all.

"I wanted to...make something that was really modern, really grounded, or as grounded as you can be when you're dealing with a film called The Invisible Man," director Leigh Whannell said. "Just something that was really tense and scary in a way The Invisible Man hasn't been before."

In addition to Moss, the film features Harriet Dyer, Aldis Hodge, and Storm Reid. But as Whannell says, this is really Moss' show. "Elisabeth Moss is the centerpiece of the film, and she's in pretty much every scene. I feel like, if you're going to hang an entire film on someone's shoulders, you need an actor as good as Lizzie."

"Part of the reason why I wanted to do it is I actually felt like it was a really feminist story of female empowerment and a victim kind of overcoming something," Moss said previously.

The Invisible Man arrives on February 28, 2020.