'Nailed It! Holiday!' Season 2 Trailer: The Best Worst Baking Show Is Back

Netflix has a lot of cooking and baking shows, but in my humble opinion, the best of the best is Nailed It! The series takes a group of very unprofessional bakers and asks them to recreate fancy, Instagram-ready treats. The results are disastrous. That may sound like a mean-spirited show that mocks its contestants, but Nailed It! is actually very good-natured. We're not laughing at the terrible bakers – we're laughing with them. Nailed It! already unleashed one holiday special upon us, and now they're about to drop another one. Watch the Nailed It! Holiday! season 2 trailer below.

Nailed It Holiday Season 2 Trailer 

If you've never watched Nailed It! on Netflix, I urge you to check it out (there are also several spin-offs, like Nailed It! France and Nailed It! Mexico). It's a funny, charming, and altogether wholesome show, and a surefire cure for the blues (disclaimer: I'm not suggesting a TV baking show can cure clinical depression because that would just be silly).

Now that Halloween is over we're officially in the holiday season (like it or not), and if you're already in the midst of full-blown holiday anxiety, here comes Nailed It! Holiday! to ease some of the tension. Here's the rundown:

Grab your loved ones because Nailed It! Holiday! is back! The messes are-a-plenty as St. Nicole and Jacques Frost deliver the best of the worst baking fails this season. Whether wrecking the halls or destroying the dreidel, jaws drop as the bakers attempt all new challenges inspired by the holidays.  From Santa to Scrooge and angels to elves, these bakers find new ways to destroy the kitchen and ruin more taste buds in Nailed It! Holiday! -  even The Grinch makes an appearance to help ring in the New Year! Guest judges include: Maya Rudolph, Jillian Bell, David Burkta, Bridget Everett, Jason Mantzoukas and Ron Ben Israel.

Nailed It! Holiday! arrives on Netflix November 22, 2019.