Guy Ritchie's 'Cash Truck' Reteams Jason Statham And Scott Eastwood

Director Guy Ritchie is returning to his London gangster roots next year with the ensemble crime film The Gentlemen, but he's not done scratching that crime thriller itch just yet. Ritchie is already lining up his next film, Cash Truck, and he's hired Jason Statham and Scott Eastwood to star, reuniting those actors after they worked together on 2017's The Fate of the Furious. Learn the film's plot details below.

Before Guy Ritchie took his still-surprising step into the Disney machine by directing this year's Aladdin, he built his career making grimy, rough-and-tumble thrillers like Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. It sounds like we can add Cash Truck to that list, a movie whose title is so literal and so simple that it's almost unmistakable what the plot will be about: a guy tries to rob a truck full of cash.

Here's a fun piece of trivia: Cash Truck is a remake of a 2004 French film starring The Artist's Jean Dujardin, which was called Le Convoyeur. That translates to "conveyor," which is very similar to Statham's 2002 solo breakthrough action film The Transporter.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Statham will play "a mysterious worker at a cash truck company that moves hundred of millions of dollars around Los Angeles each week." It's unclear exactly who Eastwood will play.

Statham feels perfectly attuned to a movie like this, but I remain amazed that Eastwood continues to get major roles in Hollywood movies. He's a wet blanket, a blank slate, a total black hole of a performer with zero charisma and seemingly very little to offer aside from having the looks of a model. Can you name one memorable Scott Eastwood performance? The guy has now been in three major franchise films – Suicide Squad, The Fate of the Furious, and Pacific Rim Uprising – and he has somehow left not only zero impact, but negative impact. I guess there's always a chance he's in for a Channing Tatum-style surge where we will all suddenly see what he has to offer, but until then...woof.

On The Gentlemen, Guy Ritchie worked with Matthew McConaughey, Henry Golding, Charlie Hunnam, Jeremy Strong, Colin Farrell, and Hugh Grant. Not a single one of them was available to join Statham in Cash Truck? Scott Eastwood is really the best we can do here? He's clearly not clicking in action movies, so maybe someone should try casting him completely against type in a totally different genre. Otherwise, I fear we may be in for several more years of Hollywood trying to force Scott "Walking Snoozefest" Eastwood on audiences.