Attention Dads Everywhere: 'Jack Ryan' Season 2 Drops A Day Early

Jack Ryan season 2 wasn't supposed to arrive on Amazon Prime Video until tomorrow, November 1. But perhaps suspecting that everyone wanted to spend Halloween with John Krasinski's CIA analyst, Amazon went ahead and dropped the season a day early. This means you can head on over to Amazon and watch Jack Ryan season 2 right now. 

Call your dad and give him the good news: Jack Ryan season 2 is available to stream a day early. In season 2, ", after tracking a potentially suspicious shipment of illegal arms in the Venezuelan jungle, CIA Officer Jack Ryan, portrayed by Krasinski, heads down to South America to investigate. As Jack's investigation threatens to uncover a far-reaching conspiracy, the President of Venezuela launches a counter-attack that hits home for Jack, leading him and his fellow operatives on a global mission spanning the United States, UK, Russia, and Venezuela to unravel the President's nefarious plot and bring stability to a country on the brink of chaos."

The second season costars Wendell Pierce as James Greer, Noomi Rapace as Harriet 'Harry' Baumann, and Michael Kelly as Mike November. Jack Ryan is based on the Tom Clancy character – a character Hollywood has been trying to turn into a hot property for decades. Alec Baldwin first played him in The Hunt for Red October. Then Harrison Ford took over in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger. All three of those films had enjoyable elements, but they weren't exactly mind-blowing. There were solid Hollywood thrillers.

But Hollywood, being Hollywood, wanted more. So Jack Ryan got himself a reboot in 2002 with The Sum of All Fears, featuring Ben Affleck in the role. That film was a financial success, but we wouldn't get a Jack Ryan movie again until 2014, with Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, starring Chris Pine as the character. While not as big a hit as Sum of All Fears, it still did moderately well.

Jack Ryan eventually left the big screen, though, and came to the world of streaming with this new Amazon show. I watched the first season, and found it to be...fine. Perhaps Jack Ryan as a character just isn't for me. But plenty of people must like him, or else they wouldn't keep making all these adaptations. Right?