Tim Miller's 'Deadpool 2' Would Have Featured The Thing From Fantastic Four

Tim Miller directed the first Deadpool, but when it came time to make Deadpool 2, Miller and star Ryan Reynolds didn't see eye to eye. As a result, Miller left the sequel, and David Leitch took on directorial duties. But what would Tim Miller's Deadpool 2 have been like? According to Miller himself, it would've had a more "comic accurate" version of Cable, and perhaps most surprising of all, a cameo from Fantastic Four team member The Thing.

During a conversation on The Playlist's Fourth Wall podcast, Tim Miller opened up a bit about what his Deadpool 2 might have looked like. For one thing, Miller claims that he "cracked the secret to the Vanessa storyline." Vanessa is Deadpool's girlfriend, played by Morena Baccarin. In the Deadpool 2 that was eventually released, Vanessa gets killed off before the credits roll – something that didn't sit too well with some folks, since it fits into the fridging trope of bumping off female characters just to give male characters some sort of motivation.

According to Miller, in his never-made Deadpool 2, "Vanessa had a far richer character arc than what was presented in the final cut of the film seeing her transformation into the iconic character Copycat and a deeper exploration of the love story between herself and Wade." Miller was very passionate about getting Vanessa's arc right, and "fought hard" to make it happen, even pleading with Fox executives to keep the storyline intact while he was exiting the project.

Other differences Miller highlighted were a more comic accurate Cable who was 6 feet, 7 inches tall – something Josh Brolin's Cable obviously is not (they even make a joke about this in the movie). And then there was a surprise cameo from The Thing from the Fantastic Four. The plan was to have "The Thing throwing down with Juggernaut" in the film's climax. Instead, Juggernaut ended up battling Colossus in the Deadpool 2 that made it to theaters.

While I wasn't exactly itching for a Tim Miller directed Deadpool sequel (I'm a weirdo who liked the second movie more than the first), I will say that giving Vanessa an actual storyline and not just fridging her would've made for a much better moviegoing experience.

Miller may have had to part ways with Deadpool, but things worked out fine for him in the end, since he got the chance to helm another blockbuster franchise entry – Terminator: Dark Fate, which opens in theaters this weekend.