Cool Stuff: New 'Star Wars' Figures From 'Rise Of Skywalker', 'The Mandalorian' & More Arrive Spring 2020

Over the weekend, fans in Europe were geeking out at Paris Comic-Con 2019 and MCM London Comic-Con 2019, and that's where Hasbro announced another wave of Star Wars figures for the outstanding Black Series line, as well as two anticipated additions to the Vintage Collection. They newly announced figures for the Black Series include a pair from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and two figures for Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Meanwhile, the Vintage Collection is getting a couple The Mandalorian characters for the 3.75-inch line-up. Check out the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker figures and everything else below..

The Rise of Skywalker Black Series

Zorri Bliss, a bounty hunter and smuggler who we'll meet in the Thieves' Quarter on the new planet Kijimi, will join the Black Series line-up. Considering she doesn't seem to come with an alternate head sculpt, it might be a safe bet that we won't see Keri Russell's face appearing in The Rise of Skywalker. Then again, maybe they're not showing off all her accessories just yet.

Joining her will be one of the members of the Knights of Ren, though these characters haven't been given individual names. This particular member isn't the same one who got a Vintage Collection figure on Triple Force Friday though. I wonder if they're going to give all the Knights of Ren their own action figures or if it'll only be a few of them. They each have unique armor and weapons, so hopefully they'll all end up being available in both Black Series and Vintage Collection variants.

Both will be available in March of 2020.

Attack of the Clones Black Series

The Black Series has already given us Revenge of the Sith versions of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, but now their Attack of the Clones looks are being done as well. As has become customary with these new figures, the face sculpts are pretty damn good, though it's kind of difficult to see Hayden Christensen's likeness in this figure. Something about the eyes doesn't feel quite right.

During Paris Comic-Con 2019 and MCM London Comic-Con 2019, a few new Star Wars figures were announced by Hasbro. those included new Black Series and Vintage Collection figures. Pre-orders are now live for the new figures. For the Black Series The Rise of Skywalker figures will hit in March 2020, the new Attack of the Clone figures hit in May 2020. The Vintage collection Mandalorian figures are due in March 2020. You can pre-order them from the links below.

These will hit shelves in May of 2020.

The Mandalorian Vintage Collection

When the new Vintage Collection figures arrived for Triple Force Friday, fans were disappointed that there weren't any figures for The Mandalorian. That changes next year with the arrival of both the titular bounty hunter and his ally Cara Dune. Both have Black Series figures that have already been revealed, but it's nice to see them get a more traditional Star Wars figure release too. Presumably there will be more added as time goes on.

These figures arrive in March of 2020.