'Star Wars Resistance' Review: The Citizens Of The Colossus Are In Trouble In "Hunt On Celsor 3"

"Hunt on Celsor 3" is the first Star Wars Resistance episode of the season that puts front-and-center how the Colossus citizens are faring. While the previous two episodes signaled a natural deterioration of resources while the Colossus space station hides from the First Order, the background residents have mostly been seen occupying themselves with drinks and revelry at Aunt Z's bar as if being uprooted and hurled into space is not much of the biggie. But then the resources and revelry are maxed out. Aunt Z (Tovah Feldshuh) emerges as the mouthpiece for the welfare of the Colossus. Her business isn't just affected, she misses the sky as well. Having no food, Aunt Z and the Colossus residents are on the verge of leaving and taking their chances on the dangers of space. 

The flying stingrayish beast that ambushed the Aces in "Live Fire" turns out to be a food source, and Aunt Z is willing to stay and cook it for the entire space station if it's caught. Smelling an opportunity, Captain Kragan (Gary Anthony Williams) and his pirate crew try to step out as the heroes and providers to undermine Captain Doza (Jason Hightower). If Captain Kragan acquires favor from the Colossus, then he could provoke mutiny. So Kaz (Christopher Sean), now an Ace pilot, and Doza's daughter Torra Doza (Myrna Velasco) set off to capture the beast to feed the Colossus, as well as preserve Captain Doza's leadership.

The multi-layers lie in how different folks weigh out how to live in a time of strife. The ever-so-practical Synara (Nazneen Contractor) convinces the hot-headed Kragan to retreat empty-handed when their hunt doesn't go well, Aunt Z has a clear attachment to the Colossus but she has to consider leaving to survive, and Neeku (Josh Brener) seems to be packing to leave (more on that later).

There's a meaningful dialogue where Captain Immanuel Doza does not don his Captain hat, his white streaks standing out. Doza's a fascinating character, dealing with his competency as a protector, and you can tell that his past has humbled him into the old man he is. He knows he enabled a situation where the citizens have to choose another hazard. If his citizens need to leave, then they have the right to that choice, but their lives are in jeopardy if they leave.

The third act where Kaz and Torra hunt the beast contrives a particular stake by throwing Torra's pet Buggles into the equation. The show's push for goofy critter antics ends up costing Kaz some professional credibility due to his unwise decision to not tell Torra about accidentally bringing Buggles. Kid-appealing humor isn't a necessarily bad thing and can mix well with tension if done right, and believe it or not, I argue that critter-antics were well integrated in season one's "Dangerous Business" and "Bibo." But forced goofiness can grate, such as Kaz's slapsticky disregard of gun safety that yields no lasting consequences.

Regardless, hearing out an individual like Aunt Z and illustrating the residents' collective grievances are the strongest story decisions of Resistance, showing how the delicate balance of order depends on investing in the livelihoods of ordinary people. The episode is at its brightest when delving into the intrigues around the Colossus: Aunt Z's distress over her waning livelihood, Kragan stirring up discontent against Captain Doza, the valid resentment of the citizens, Kaz and Torra strategizing, Yeager (Scott Lawrence) and Doza weighing out their options and responsibility.

While the episode concludes on a bright note, it makes sure to tell the audience that the success of the hunt is as meaningful as it is short-term. Aunt Z is glad Kaz and Torra could give her a reason to stay while reaffirming that the option to leave is still on the table—"I'll stick around, for now." The Colossus leadership—Captain Doza and the Aces—will still have to work to maintain those good relations and protection.

The episode caps off with a pleasant surprise when it's revealed Neeku designed a sky projection so the Colossus could look less like a refuge and more like their home, even if he knows it isn't the same. That's a hero that Star Wars television could use more of. A friendly every guy who builds a sky for his compatriots.


  • Moment of Funny: The seagull colliding into the fake sky.
  • Kragan remarking that they are returning to the pirates' roots by hunting is a nice touch of mythos.
  • It could be delved into later, the other Aces' conspicuous absence is never brought up.
  • There's no Tam B-story here, so I wish there was more pause on how one of Tam's remnants, the cannon used for the hunt, ends up assisting them.