Kevin Feige And The Russo Brothers Will Guest Star On 'The Simpsons'

The Simpsons is getting its first taste of corporate synergy this season. Several newly announced guest stars for an upcoming episode of its currently-airing 31st season are the first big sign of the long-running animated Fox comedy series' new ownership. Springfield is about to meet some of Earth's mightiest Marvel names, with Kevin Feige and the Russo Brothers set to make an appearance in the animated suburb.TV Line reports that an upcoming February 23 episode taps into the biggest piece of superhero discourse (no, not that one): spoilers. In the episode, Bart "weaponizes" spoilers, leading to an episode where two movie executives, played by Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo, attempt to stop his antics. Feige gets a cameo as an evil supervillain that looks a lot like Thanos named "Chinnos."

Here is the description of the episode per TV Line:

When Bart is mistaken for a terminally ill child and gets to see a cut of the unreleased sequel of the extremely popular Vindicator superhero movie franchise, he uses spoilers as blackmail to get what he wants. When two movie executives (played by, wink, wink, Marvel auteurs Joseph and Anthony Russo) discover Bart has seen the movie, they will stop at nothing to keep his spoiler knowledge a secret. Marvel CCO Kevin Feige also makes a cameo in the episode — titled "Bart and the Bad Guy" — as the evil alien supervillain in the film, Chinnos.

The satirical animated Fox comedy has long poked fun at corporations and people in power, and Disney was no exception — The Simpsons has lampooned the House of Mouse countless times over the decades. But in the aftermath of the Disney-Fox merger, and with The Simpsons making its move to the forthcoming Disney+ streaming service and now this group of prolific Marvel names as guest stars, it seems like the animated series is fully in bed with its new corporate owner. Synergy!

The Simpsons' 31st season is currently airing on the Fox broadcast network. The first 30 seasons of the show, which spans 662 episodes from December 1989 through May 2019, will be available to stream on Disney+ when the service launches on November 12, 2019.