'The Vice Guide To Bigfoot' Trailer And Posters Debut Before Its World Premiere

Even if you don't watch Vice, you're certainly familiar with the company's style of journalism: a hipster-looking journalist ventures into sometimes dangerous, sometimes goofy territory to get a story that Vice thinks needs to be told. That style has been prominently lampooned before in an episode IFC's Documentary Now! (this clip of Jack Black saying the word "dronez" is a good example), but now a new movie called The Vice Guide to Bigfoot is taking things to the next level.

/Film is happy to present two brand new posters for the movie, so check those out below (along with a trailer) before the film hits the festival circuit later this week. 

The Vice Guide to Bigfoot Trailer

Here are the film's brand new posters:


The movie marks the debut feature film from director Zach Lamplugh, who co-wrote the screenplay with Brian Emond. (Lamplugh previously worked on Final Deployment 4: Queen Walkthrough, Casper Kelly's bizarre video game-inspired follow-up to his viral sensation Too Many Cooks.) Emond stars alongside Jeffrey Stephenson (who's taking some serious style inspo from Seth Rogen), Tevin Williams, Will Copeland, and Lamplugh himself. I'm getting some real American Vandal vibes from this trailer, so fingers crossed the film turns out as well as that now-cancelled Netflix series (#RIP, #whodrewthedicks).

While a press release described the movie as "like Spinal Tap meets Blair Witch," the director had a few additional comparison points in mind. "With my friends, I tell them this movie is Creep meets Popstar," Lamplugh told SyfyWire today in an interview. "But most people haven't seen those movies. So what I tell people is it's Blair Witch meets What We Do In the Shadows."

Here's the official synopsis:

When a jaded VICE clickbait reporter is sent to the Appalachian foothills to follow a cryptozoologist on the trail of Bigfoot, he's forced to answer the question: "Is a good story worth dying for?"

The Vice Guide to Bigfoot will have its world premiere this Friday night at the Austin Film Festival, and it'll also be playing again at the fest early next week. Get screening info below, and buy tickets here.

  • Friday, October 25th at 9:00PM – Alamo Drafthouse Village (2700 W Anderson Ln Suite 701, Austin, TX 78757)
  • 2nd Screening – Tuesday, October 29th at 9:15PM – Galaxy Highland (6700 Middle Fiskville Rd, Austin, TX 78752)