'El Camino' Scene Breakdown Has Aaron Paul Walking You Through One Of The Movie's Most Harrowing Moments

By now you've probably watched El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the follow-up to the hit show that reveals what happened to Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman. If you still haven't, well...avoid this story, I guess. Because in an El Camino scene breakdown below, Paul takes us shot by shot through one of the movie's most harrowing scenes. The scene in question brings back a Breaking bad character who met their demise in the series, so their presence here would definitely constitute some sort of spoiler. You've been warned!

El Camino Scene Breakdown

Still here? Okay, good. In the scene above, Breaking Bad's Todd (Jesse Plemons), the living embodiment of banal evil, forces Jesse Pinkman to help him bury a body. This is a flashback sequence that takes place during the time Jesse was being held prisoner by Todd's neo-nazi gang and forced to cook meth. The dead body is that of Todd's house cleaner, who had the misfortune of discovering where Todd stashed his drug dealer fortune. After the burial, Jesse finds a gun in the glove box of Todd's car – giving him a chance to kill Todd and escape. But Jesse is so beaten-down by his captivity that he relents and turns the gun over. It's a gut-wrenching scene, and as Paul explains, the scene involves Jesse "handing over his freedom forever."

This might actually be one of the two most important scenes in the entire movie. The second comes near the end, where Jesse engages in an Old West-style shootout. That scene in a way complements this one. Here, in the past, Jesse had the chance to gun down an enemy but didn't. Now, in the present timeline of the movie, he's able to do what he couldn't before.

In addition to this scene breakdown video, there's also a much more amusing video below of Paul walking you through the many times Jesse Pinkman said "bitch." Enjoy!

Jesse Pinkman Says "Bitch"

El Camino is now streaming on Netflix.