MoviePass Is Now A Zombie That Charges Your Cards From Beyond The Grave

Beyond the real ghosts, witches, and zombies you'll have to fear this Halloween, former MoviePass users may have to be on the watch for spectral credit card charges from the zombified remains of the ticket-buying company. Several former users have reported MoviePass charging cards and bank accounts even after the service was officially terminated last month.

It seemed a mercy when the long-embattled MoviePass officially shut its doors on September 14. Despite threats that MoviePass could be resurrected, news has remained mercifully peaceful around the former movie ticket subscription company. And why would it not be? It was dead — or so we thought.

Even after its death, MoviePass can't resist being plagued by more scandals. The New York Post reports on the latest one: Several former MoviePass users have discovered a variety of mysterious charges on their cards after service was terminated. One user was charged twice in September after the company had shut down — once for the $9.95 membership and another unknown fee of $5.64. Another user canceled her account in January 2019 was but still charged twice in September, including one charge that processed on the day of the company's shutdown. The latter user ended up filing a fraud claim with her bank to get her money back. MoviePass' parent company Helios and Matheson declined to comment to The Post on the issue.

No legal action has been threatened against MoviePass yet, but the first user, Maricar Tinio from Chicago told the Post, "I think they need a class-action lawsuit filed against them. Their website is acting as if they are still in business."

Even if MoviePass is somehow miraculously resurrected as Ted Farnsworth, the financier and former CEO of MoviePass's parent company Helios & Matheson Analytics, has suggested, there's no question that charging your former users after service termination is a bad business practice. MoviePass has run into similar problems before, automatically enrolling users into more expensive plans or not processing account cancellations at all. And it seems this badly designed system has reared its ugly head again — or someone at MoviePass forgot to turn off the power. Either way, it's no surprise that MoviePass can't stop getting into another scandal even after it's long been declared dead. It truly is a feat of incompetence that only MoviePass could accomplish.