'The Irishman' Podcast Launching In November From Netflix

Official (and unofficial) podcasts that tie directly into TV shows are a big hit. HBO launched The Chernobyl Podcast to tie into their bleak but fantastic series Chernobyl, and Netflix rolled out the podcast Behind the Scenes: Stranger Things 3 this year as well. Now it looks like the streaming service is getting ready to do it again with The Irishman. The podcast is tentatively titled Behind the Irishman, and will go into the making of Martin Scorsese's latest crime epic.

Hey, did you hear? Podcasts are hot right now! In fact, they've been hot for a while, but for some reason, many members of the media and entertainment industry have been slow to catch on (many of them still think podcasts didn't even exist before Serial). Netflix scored a big hit with their Stranger Things 3 podcast, and they're ready to keep the party going with Behind the Irishman. The news was first reported in the Wall Street Journal, and Netflix then confirmed it themselves.

Per the report:

Netflix plans to unveil at least two more companion podcasts by the end of the year, including one with the working title "Behind the Irishman," which will detail the making of Martin Scorsese's film "The Irishman," debuting on the platform in November.

I'm assuming that since this podcast deals with the making of the film, and is coming directly from Netflix, Scorsese himself is going to pop-up as a guest at one point. And that's something I can definitely get excited about. Hearing Scorsese go into detail about all the work he put into this crime epic is going to be a must-listen. Even if Scorsese doesn't appear on the show, it's a good bet that the show itself will have access to all the necessary insider material involved with the making of the film.

According to the Journal, Netflix was originally resistant to the podcast idea as a whole. But the Stranger Things 3 podcast "became Netflix's most popular podcast ever, hitting No. 3 on the iTunes charts." It wouldn't be surprising if the streaming service started doing this for some of their other hits – Black Mirror, for instance.

The Irishman opens in select theaters on November 1 and on Netflix November 27. It's not clear If Netflix plans to launch Behind the Irishman to coincide with the brief theatrical release or if they're going to wait until the movie is officially available on the streaming platform. My guess would be the latter.