'Star Trek: Short Treks' Trailer Promises Even More Trouble With Tribbles

One of the most beloved episodes of the classic Star Trek series from decades ago is "The Trouble with Tribbles." The episode saw the U.S.S. Enterprise suddenly getting dangerously crowded after the arrival of a quickly reproducing little puffball of a creature known as a Tribble. Now those cute little guys are making a comeback in a new Star Trek: Short Treks installment starring Alita: Battle Angel actress Rosa Salazar and Bob's Burgers voice star H. Jon Benjamin. Watch the new Star Trek: Short Treks trailer below to see what happens with the tiny terrors, even though you've probably guessed by now.

If you haven't heard of Star Trek: Short Treks, they're a series of 10-15 minute stand-alone short stories that allow fans to dive deeper into the Star Trek universe. The latest round of Short Treks kicked off last weekend during New York Comic-Con with a short called Q&A focusing on Ensign Spock's (Ethan Peck) first day aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. That one is already available on CBS All Access now, but tomorrow brings the second installment, "The Trouble with Edward," and here's the short trailer:

In "The Trouble with Edward," newly minted Captain Lynne Lucero (Rosa Salazar) is excited to take command of the U.S.S. Cabot. But that changes when she meets Edward Larkin (H. Jon Benjamin), an ornery scientist who believes he has found a revolutionary new use for Tribbles. Every new Star Trek fan knew exactly how this was going to turn out as soon as Tribbles were mentioned, and the trailer shows us just how out of hand the situation will get.

It'll be interesting to see how they dispatch with the Tribble infestation this time. In the original Star Trek series, the crew got lucky that a surgically-altered Klingon had contaminated the ship's grain supply with a virus that interferes with an organism's ability to digest food. Once the tribbles got into the grain, they were a little easier to wrangle in and transport onto a Klingon vessel instead.

This Short Trek clearly has a comedic angle, which is nice to see in a typically dramatic and action-packed show like Star Trek. "The Trouble with Edward" was written by Graham Wagner and directed by Daniel Gray Longino, and it will be available starting October 10.

The remaining new Star Trek: Short Treks will drop on CBS All Access the second Thursday of each month, and there will be two dropped online in December. Here's the schedule and titles for all the upcoming Star Trek: Short Treks:

  • "The Trouble with Edward" – October 10
  • "Ask Not" – November 14
  • "The Girl Who Made the Stars" – December 12
  • "Ephraim and Dot" – December 12
  • "Children of Mars" – January 9