'Batman: The Movie' Honest Trailer: When Batman Was The Love Child Of Christopher Walken And Jeff Goldblum

This weekend brings Joaquin Phoenix's twisted, unsettling take on Batman's arch nemesis in Joker. So there's no better time to take a look back at the big screen origins of The Dark Knight and all of his most famous villains in the equally twisted Batman: The Movie.

This isn't your father's Batman. Well, actually, this is your father's Batman, which might explain why the generation of parents who grew up with this version of The Caped Crusader were so much less concerned with violence on television and just more laissez-faire about everything in general. Back then it seemed like the only real threats came from sharks that needed to be repelled, big cartoon bombs, and disintegration machines. Watch the Batman: The Movie Honest Trailer below for more.

Batman: The Movie Honest Trailer

Holy contrived catchphrase, Batman! Seriously, were writers so obsessed with catchphrases back in the day that it just didn't matter if it made sense or not? At least Steve Urkel had to break something before saying "Did I do that?" But in Batman: The Movie (and the entirety of the 1966 TV series that came before it), Robin just spouts off "Holy _____ " whenever he feels like it. And most of the time, it's just lazy. There's not even wordplay that comes with it most of the time.

Yes, we know this take on Batman was always meant to be campy, but it also kept anyone from taking comic books seriously for a long time. So while Adam West became a legend as this swinging, sexy yet laughable Batman who speaks like Christopher Walken had a baby with Jeff Goldblm, we can't help but roll our eyes in the general direction of this movie. But that won't keep us from laughing at it after all these years. Thanks for the laughs, Batsy.