DC Universe Explores New Territory With Unscripted Series And An Anthology Mixed-Media Project

Not everyone can be a superhero, but everyone could develop an unscripted superhero series for DC Universe. As the streaming service heads into its second year, DC Universe is expanding to even bigger ambitions, with two DC Universe new series announced at this year's New York Comic-Con. DCYou Unscripted and BizarroTV are the two new projects in development at DC Universe, with the first opening the doors for fans wishing to pitch their own DC Universe unscripted series and the second exploring the "stranger edges" of the universe through an anthology, mixed-media series.

SyFy reports that DC announced two new projects that would be coming in the second year of the DC Universe: DCYou Unscripted and BizarroTV. Speaking to the press at an event at New York Comic-Con, DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee introduced the new 2020 series, which would take DC's streaming service into new territory.DCYou Unscripted is a competition show that will allow fans to submit pitches for a new unscripted series for the service, with three finalists getting invited to Los Angeles to develop their pitches into pilots before a final in-person pitch to DC executives. Lee will serve as a judge on the program, which will end with the winner getting their own show on the DCU. The application period runs until November 18, 2019 with more information available here.

It sounds like an easy, low-budget project for the DC Universe: they get at least two unscripted series out of it, and won't have to throw their budget at expensive scripted series. While it's neat that fans are allowed participation in the DC Universe — a benefit of streaming as a medium being so fluid and close to its audience — it does feel somewhat like shortcut for more content.

Meanwhile, BizarroTV sounds slightly more ambitious: the anthology, mixed-media series promises to "explore the stranger edges of the DC Universe" with obscure DC characters like Ambush Bug, Space Cabbie, the Creeper, and Slam Bradley getting a showcase in an offbeat show that will be a mix of live-action, animation, and puppets. The project will feature contributions from new creative talent as well as Blue Ribbon Content, Warner Bros. Television's digital production unit.

Despite the trepidation around the DC Universe streaming service, it seems like it will be going strong into its second year. The highly anticipated Harley Quinn animated series just announced a release date for November 29, 2019, while Stargirl has completed principal photography and is set to premiere in 2020. We'll probably hear of plenty more DC Universe original titles in the future.