Cool Stuff: Hang The Official 'Ghostbusters' Firehouse Sign Replica Outside Your House

There have been plenty of different Ghostbusters prop replicas released to consumers over the years. But most of them are focused on things like proton packs, PKE meters, and ghost traps. The only problem is those items aren't exactly easy to decorate the house with. Thankfully, Hollywood Collectibles Group has you covered with their latest offering, a Ghostbusters firehouse sign replica that looks just like the one from the movie. Check it out below.

Ghostbusters Firehouse Sign Replica

Ghostbusters Firehouse Sign Replica

Measuring 32x30 inches, this sign features the classic Ghostbusters logo and lights up when plugged into a power outlet. You can either hang it flat on a wall, hang it from a chain or put it on a bracket (though the hardware isn't included with the sign for any of those options).

The Ghostbusters firehouse sign replica is a pretty limited edition item. The standard edition is limited to just 500 pieces, but there's a Hollywood Collectibles Group exclusive version that is limited to 150 pieces and comes with a 6x4 inch individually numbered metal plaque.

Now for the bad news: no matter which edition of the Ghostbusters firehouse sign replica you get, it's going to cost you $899.95. That's enough to buy you over 3,000 Twinkies, though it might be better if you could just get one big Twinkie. The good news is that there are payment plans you can sign up for to make it a little easier to pay for. But the monthly payment is a little pricey since the sign is slated to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2020. Oh well, bustin' your wallet should make you feel good.