'Detective Pikachu' Honest Trailer: The Third Best Hard-Boiled Detective Movie With Cartoon Animals

Even though Detective Pikachu might now hold the title of the best video game movie of all-time, it's still only the third best hard-boiled detective movie with cartoon animals. But that's only because the movie gets by on the cuteness of a little Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds and wearing a detective hat on his cute, furry, little face. Because if you think about the plot of this movie for more than a couple seconds, you'll realize just how nonsensical it is. Watch the Detective Pikachu Honest Trailer for more.

Detective Pikachu Honest Trailer

For a video game franchise that's all about having little monsters fight each other, it's kind of amazing that the first live-action Pokémon movie is based around a video game that was only popular in Japan. Funnily enough, the premise is basically the same as its animated, film noir counterpart, Zootopia. Except instead of anthropomorphic animals going crazy, they get turned into Pokémon instead. Yeah, we told you that the plot was dumb.

Thankfully, the movie is saved by Ryan Reynolds, who brings a family friendly Deadpool sensibility to Detective Pikachu. But when you go back and think about the fact that this Pikachu has been his father the whole time, then their relationship for the film's running time feels a little bit weird, and you realize how irresponsible and inappropriate his father might be. Then again, he didn't really know he was the kid's father at the time, so I guess it's all right? Again, it doesn't really make much sense, but hey, look at all those damn Pokémon!