Video: Paramount Animation Reveals New Mascot 'Star Skipper' And Logo Opening

Pixar has Luxo Jr. DreamWorks has the boy on the moon casting out his fishing line. Disney has increasingly fancy variations of Cinderella's castle. Now Paramount Animation joins the crowd of making a memorable logo that signals a family-friendly catalogue of movies. The studio has unveiled a new Paramount Animation logo along with a brand-new mascot in the form of a tween girl named Star Skipper. Watch the brand new logo unfold in the video below.

Watch: Paramount Animation Logo

Right from the get-go, the Paramount Animation division sets itself apart from the traditional Paramount logo that has graced the big screen for nearly a century. Bathed in warm hues and bright colors, the animated logo kicks off with a tween girl skipping a rock at a lake, which soon transforms into a shooting star. We follow that star as it flies up the mountain to join the familiar halo of stars at the mountain crest, surrounding the text "Paramount Animation." It's a fun and quirky play on the traditional Paramount logo, which for many years was the static image of the circle of stars atop the mountain.

That tween girl was intentionally created to be Paramount Animation's new mascot who will represent the Paramount Animation brand in film, TV, and marketing spots. Called Star Skipper, she will be the first human mascot for a major animation division — the spectral boy in DreamWorks probably being the closest after her. Paramount Animation chief Mireille Soria hopes that will help Paramount Animation stand apart from other animation studios and emphasize their female-led team.

"We wanted to put a character in there," Soria told Variety. "We were inspired by the idea of stars and reaching for the stars. In our operation overall, the team that we've put together is a majority female team, so it captures the magic of what we're going for in the division. It's about dreaming big. When we thought about the character, we thought, why wouldn't it be female? And we wanted a girl connected to nature, in who she is and how she looks. "

The animated logo was created by artist Christopher Zibach, who worked on Dreamworks' Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, under the creative agency ATK PLN and Reel FX Creative Studios. The logo will make its 3D debut in front of the upcoming The SpongeBob Movie: It's a Wonderful Sponge in May 2020.