What Will 'Ozark' Season 3 Be About? Jason Bateman Teases Details

The ending of Ozark season 2 throws the crafty Byrd family into a completely new storyline. What might season 3 of the hit Netflix series be about? Star/producer Jason Bateman teased some Ozark season 3 details at the Emmy Awards following his win for best director, so read on to find out what's in store for the next season of the Netflix drama.

As you probably know, Ozark follows the story of Marty Byrde (Bateman), a financial planner who flees with his family from the Chicago suburbs to the Missouri Ozarks to work a desperate last-ditch money-laundering scheme for the cartel. It's very much like someone saw Justified and Breaking Bad and said, "What if I made a mash-up of those shows?" The second season took a turn, bringing in a more politically-driven angle, almost as if the creator started binge-watching House of Cards and decided to add that to the soup. Most of the season involves the Byrds struggling to set up a riverboat casino as a fresh way to launder money in the area, and season 2 ends with the casino launching and the Byrds finally getting their chance to make a run for it. But Marty's wife Wendy (played by Laura Linney) tells Marty the family will not flee.

Speaking with reporters backstage after winning his Emmy for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series, Bateman offered a tease about what the show's season 3 storyline will be about. According to Deadline, he said:

"The casino is up and running and provides us with more opportunities both positive and negative. Some of that is temping and some that are calming. Ultimately it all affects the family."

Bateman says Ozark season 3 will take place six months after the season 2 finale, with the riverboat casino in full operation. And we're sure the union/non-union dispute with the mob will also come to a head, and of course there's still the matter of the Cade Langmore murder plot that needs to be resolved, but Bateman didn't say more.

Ozark season 3 is expected to arrive on Netflix sometime before the end of 2019.