'The Mortuary Collection' Trailer: This Horror Anthology Strongly Advises Against Chatting With Creepy Morticians

I'm the type of person who would love to hang out at a spooky old mortuary. But I also realize that's not exactly everyone's idea of a good time. And according to this fun The Mortuary Collection trailer, such an activity could have consequences. This horror anthology follows a young girl who strikes up a conversation with a creepy mortician, who proceeds to tell her four tales of terror. Watch the trailer below.

The Mortuary Collection Trailer

I'm a sucker for horror anthology films, so The Mortuary Collection looks exactly like the type of movie made for me. And luckily enough, it's set to play Fantastic Fest, which is where I'm filing this story from. Meaning I will do everything I can to make sure I catch this thing. In The Mortuary Collection, a young girl attending a funeral in an old mortuary discovers a secret room full of odd objects. She also discovers a creepy old mortician who "guides her through his collection, sharing four stories of wild, unique, and memorable deaths. Thus begins the narrative skeleton surrounding this delightful, morbid, and clever anthology."

But wait, there's more!

Each of the four stories brings us into a fully realized, impeccably designed period piece, moving chronologically from the 1950s through the 1980s. A '50s housewife struggles with a mysterious presence in her bathroom; a '60s college boy gets a taste of his own fraternizing medicine; and a '70s husband makes some tough decisions about his wife — all culminating in the '80s-set The Babysitter Murders (which Spindell previously won Best Director at Fantastic Fest for). With a vibrant variety of tones and timely themes, The Mortuary Collection is a wild ride that showcases a balance of humor, terror, squirm-inducing moments, and the ability to completely pull the rug out from under the audience.

Yes, I would very much like to have this movie in front of my face, please and thank you. There's always a risk with anthology films – it's very rare that every single story lands well, and you always end up with at least one dud. But I have high hopes for this based on what I see here. I particularly enjoy the visual style on display courtesy of director Ryan Spindell and cinematographers Caleb Heymann and Elie Smolkin.

The Mortuary Collection doesn't have an official release date yet, but perhaps we'll learn that after its Fantastic Fest premiere on September 21.