Cool Stuff: Patton Oswalt Loves This 'Ratatouille' LEGO Playset, So Help Make It A Reality

If there's one Pixar Animation movie that doesn't get as much respect as it deserves, it's Ratatouille. While on the surface the movie is about cooking, it's moreso about passion and realizing that everything you love is some kind of art. That includes building a LEGO set, and one brilliant master builder has created an incredible Ratatouille LEGO set of the final restaurant that Linguini and his little chef Remy start together. It's not an official Ratatouille LEGO set, but it can be with your support.

Ratatouille LEGO Set

Ratatouille LEGO Set

Made up of over 2,800 LEGO bricks, this playset meticulously recreates the restaurant, including the mini-restaurant for Remy's rat friends that sits above the normal restaurant. There's even a special spot for the food critic Anton Ego to sit and enjoy a nice dish of his ratatouille of his own.

Creator Thomas Carlier (aka Brick Project) hopes that this project will become an official LEGO playset, but in order for that to happen, it needs your help. Right now the Ratatouille LEGO set is a project at LEGO Ideas, and it needs 10,000 votes in order to get in front of the jury that determines which LEGO Ideas projects can actually be manufactured. Maybe this presentation will help sell it even more:

Since LEGO has a good relationship with Disney for playsets based on their biggest franchises, this may have a better chance of going into production. But the LEGO jury that determines these sort of things has to figure out whether or not this set is something that people will want to buy. The one issue might be that it's a big set, and the cost might make it a little less popular. The bigger sets like this usually cost at least $150 if not more, and that can be a little salty for those who aren't as invested in LEGO Collections.

At the very least, this Ratatouille LEGO set is beloved by Patton Oswalt, the voice of Remy: