'The Good Place' Prepares For The End With 'The Selection' Digital Series

We've spent three seasons watching four not-so-great people learning to be good, but sometimes it's just so fun to be bad. At least, there's a lot of comedy to be mined out of the ridiculously evil, as The Good Place fans have delighted to learn every time Marc Evan Jackson's Shawn has appeared onscreen. As we prepare for the end times, we're going to get a whole lot more of this deadpan demon in a new The Good Place digital series called The Selection

The scene-stealing bigwig of the Bad Place is getting the spotlight in a six-episode digital series that follows Shawn and his cohorts as they pick which deceased humans to send to Michael's (Ted Danson) experimental afterlife neighborhood, according to Deadline.

(Warning: spoilers for The Good Place ahead.)

If you remember, season 3 ended with Michael and his team of redemption-seeking humans – Eleanor (Kristen Bell), Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Tahani (Jameela Jamil), and Jason (Manny Jacinto) – reaching a compromise with The Judge (Maya Rudolph) after trying to prove that the system was rigged. Michael would be allowed to build a new Good Place neighborhood populated by humans selected by the Bad Place in an experiment that would prove humans can be good. While the third season ends with the Bad Place already having picked their group of humans, we get to see the process in The Selection, which looks like a fantastic showcase for Marc Evan Jackson — a longtime supporting player in many a Mike Schur series who constantly knocks it out of the park with his hilariously dry delivery. With the digital series written by The Good Place writers, you can expect the same level of biting humor in The Selection as well.

The series, available to stream on the NBC App, prepares viewers for The Good Place's fourth and final season, which begins its final days on Thursday, September 26, 2019.

Here are the digital series titles and descriptions:

"The Selection, Part 1: The Mission"

Shawn and his demon cohorts plot to destroy Michael's new neighborhood. Shawn gets the demons briefed on their mission.

"The Selection, Part 2: The Candidates"

Shawn's demon ding-dongs pitch their human choices for Michael's new neighborhood.

"The Selection, Part 3: The Takeout Order"

Shawn's demon ash-holes try to decide what to eat. Maybe some sludge from the inside of shoes that you don't wear socks with?

"The Selection, Part 4: The Storm Out"

Tensions rise as the demons try to select the right "human fart bombs" for Michael's new neighborhood. Glenn feels Shawn is being too mean.

"The Selection, Part 5: The Talk"

In a demon-to-demon chat with Glenn, Shawn is inspired to rethink the way he forks with Michael's new neighborhood.

"The Selection, Part 6: The Solution"

When Shawn takes aim on a more personal attack on the humans, Glenn has some reservations.