Stephen King's 'IT' Miniseries Honest Trailer: After 'America's Funniest Home Videos, A Clown Eats A Child

Back in 1990, ABC was the place for family friendly entertainment. Full House stars Bob Saget and Dave Coulier delivered the one-two punch of cheese with America's Funniest Home Videos and American's Funniest People. But for two nights in November that year, family night was interrupted by a murderous dancing clown named Pennywise in Stephen King's IT, and he definitely had different kinds of teeth to scare you. Watch the IT miniseries Honest Trailer for a deeper dive into the Stephen King adaptation.

IT Miniseries Honest Trailer

Rocky Horror Picture Show and Clue star Tim Curry plays Pennywise the Dancing Clown, a horrifying Bozo with a wide variety of teeth and a penchant for popping balloons with blood in them and menacing giggling, that is until he reveals himself as an alien with the brightest flashlight in its body...or something.

It seems as if the second half of the IT miniseries suffers from the same issues that critics have found with the upcoming IT Chapter 2. While the sequel seems to be mostly enjoyable, it doesn't quite match up with the greatness of the first chapter, largely because of the chemistry between the kids from the Losers Club. You can find out more about that in our

At the very least, the roster of adult cast members in the new IT adaptation are leaps and bounds better than those available for the TV miniseries version. Even though it's hard to argue with John Ritter's casting, everyone else leaves something to be desired.