Disney Parks Announces Its Marvel Land WEB Program Will Be Introduced In Movies, Even Though Spider-Man May Not Appear In Future MCU Films [D23]

It appears that even though Spider-Man may no longer appear in future Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, the movies may be spinning a WEB of their own without him. WEB, aka the Worldwide Engineering Brigade, is a part of Disney's theme park narrative that's tied in to Avengers Campus, the new Marvel-themed land coming to Disney's California Adventure and Disneyland Paris. WEB is a fictional company within the parks that was created by Tony Stark, and during today's D23 presentation, it was revealed that the organization is going to be incorporated into upcoming comics and movies.

Get the details on that below, and check out some new concept art from the Spider-Man attraction, Pym Kitchen, and more.

After all of the Spider-Man-centric drama that's been playing out this week – tl;dr: as of now, Spider-Man will no longer be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will instead return to movies made solely by Sony – the most interesting bit from today's D23 parks presentation may have been that the Disney parks seemingly aren't interested in any of that. They're forging full steam ahead by introducing WEB in comics and movies – although I suppose a distinction was never made if they meant live-action MCU films or the direct-to-video stuff from Marvel Animation, movies like Hulk Vs. or Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United.

If it's the latter, then very few people will care. But if they choose to implement WEB into the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe – especially with Tony Stark now out of the picture – well, it would feel incredibly odd to have a Stark-founded organization with a title that alludes to Spider-Man, and not have either one of those characters around to be involved in it.

The Spider-Man attraction will be housed inside the Worldwide Engineering Brigade building. Here's a brief description of what happens from there:

During an open house at WEB, the aspiring inventors are excited to invite you for a test drive of their latest invention: the "Web Slinger" vehicle, which allows you to sling webs just like Spider-Man! The attraction gives you a taste of what it's like to have actual super powers as you help Spider-Man collect Spider-Bots that have run amok.

Meanwhile, we also learned about something called the Pym Test Kitchen, an eatery where guests will be able to order oversized and undersized food that's "created" using Pym Particle technology.

There will also be "heroic encounters" throughout the land, including a Doctor Strange's new Sanctum Santorum in California Adventure, and the chance to meet up with heroes like Black Widow, Ant-Man and the Wasp, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and heroes from Wakanda and Asgard. Also among those in-the-flesh heroes you can meet? Iron Man. That implies that Disney parks isn't necessarily tying itself to a specific moment in canonical history when it comes to these Marvel characters.

Avengers Campus opens at Disney California Adventure in 2020 and debuts sometime later at Disneyland Paris.