Horror-Thriller 'Limbo' Coming From 'Better Watch Out' Director Chris Peckover

Better Watch Out director Chris Peckover has a new horror project lined-up. It's called Limbo, and it's about a young mother whose spirit gets kicked out of her own body when something evil possesses her. That's weird and original enough to sound interesting, and definitely not your average possession plotline. Limbo is being set up at Miramax.Deadline broke the news about the Limbo horror movie, reporting that Miramax, Barnyard Projects and Snoot Entertainment greenlit the project. Peckover will write the script with Matthew Jennison. Here's the synopsis:

Limbo tells the terrifying story of a young mother whose body becomes possessed by something evil, rendering her a disembodied spirt and a ghost in her own house. As this demonic double takes over her life and threatens to harm her family, she must find a way to protect her loved ones while also finding a way back to her body before it's too late.

Possession movies are a time-honored horror tradition, but this idea offers a new twist on the formula. Whenever there's a movie about possession, we tend to be treated only to witnessing how the afflicted person behaves while we possessed. We never see what their actual personality is up to during all of this. That's what makes this concept so interesting.

"We are witnessing a renaissance of quality horror films at the moment," said Miramax's Bill Block. "It's a genre that continues to captivate global audiences. Having a smart script with a big idea and some fierce partners in Tim Palen, Snoot Entertainment and a fresh voice in Chris Peckover – Limbo is something we're really excited about."

I'm not a big fan of Peckover's Better Watch Out. In fact, I didn't care for it all. But I know plenty of horror fans did, and I'm also always up for more horror movies in general. The original premise alone is enough to get me excited about Limbo, and I'm eager to see how it all turns out. Limbo will be produced by Tim Palen under his Barnyard Projects title, and Keith Calder and Jess Wu Calder of Snoot Entertainment as well, with Chris Harding serving as co-producer for Snoot Entertainment.