See Artist Eric Tan's Posters Dedicated To Epcot's Attractions Past, Present, And Future [D23]

Eric Tan is an artist we've covered several times on /Film, and for good reason: he's been a reliable producer of incredible pop culture artwork for years – I still think about the awesome poster he made celebrating Lost back in 2009. He's been a designer for the Disney Consumer Products team for more than fifteen years, and at this year's D23 Expo, it was revealed that Tan and his wife, artist Stacey Aoyama, created posters for all of the Epcot attractions which line the park's pavilions. Take a look at a gallery of the posters below.

Stacey Aoyama and Eric Tan Epcot Posters

/Film's Peter Sciretta was on hand at D23 to snap photos of the new posters. Here's a gallery of several posters from this new collection, which highlight long-gone older attractions and attractions that haven't even opened yet:

While you may be familiar with Tan's work from the loads of times we've featured his work on the site, Aoyama also works for Disney Consumer Products, and she's created some stunning art of her own – like this piece of Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid. You can see a bunch of Tan's work on Instagram, and Aoyama's own Instagram account shows off plenty of her impressive skills as well.

These posters are especially interesting because they celebrate Epcot as the park prepares to undergo a series of major changes. The park is currently undergoing major construction and a slew of new attractions aim to make Epcot "more Disney." While many theme park fans will undoubtedly celebrate this, there's an entire generation of Disney fans who cherish the stodgy but well-intentioned and often beautiful Epcot of yesteryear, the one that strove to make the world a better place and teach you a thing or two. These posters will allow those folks to remember the past, even as they prepare for the future.