'Hawkeye': Writer/Producer Amy Berg Revealed She Got Passed Up By Marvel For Disney+ Series

Marvel is carefully eyeing its targets for the Hawkeye series creative team. While little is known about the upcoming Disney+ TV series starring Jeremy Renner as the Earth's mightiest archer, a new revelation from writer and producer Amy Berg suggests that Marvel is narrowing down its shortlist for the Hawkeye series writer. Which means that a showrunner and cast announcement could soon be on its way.

TV writer/producer Amy Berg revealed that she was in talks with Marvel to work on the Disney+ Hawkeye series, but that she has been passed up for the job.

"I haven't lost out on many jobs over my career, but I lost out on one today that stings just a bit," Berg said in a tweet accompanied by an image from Matt Fraction and David Aja's acclaimed Hawkeye comic book run. "Sad to say, you're not going to see my take on these two. I think you would've loved it."

Berg is best known as a writer on TV genre shows like The 4400 and Eureka. There's no knowing what her take on the Hawkeye series would be, but she clearly has an affection for the Matt Fraction and David Aja comic book run from which this series is taking its inspiration. The critically acclaimed, widely beloved series is a clever, wry, and grounded take on the oft-mocked superhero, and is reason enough to be excited for the series, even if Renner's portrayal of Hawkeye (and his baffling career choices) aren't quite as popular.

Here's the synopsis for the comic series the show will be probably be drawing on:

It's Marvel's most critically acclaimed comic in recent memory! Clint Barton, breakout star of a little Marvel movie you might have seen a while back, continues his fight for justice...and good rooftop BBQs! With Young Avenger Kate Bishop by his side, he's out to get some downtime from being one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes...but when the apartment building he's moved into, and the neighbors he's befriended, are threatened by a tracksuit-wearing, dog-abusing gang of Eastern European mobsters who say "bro" an awful lot, Clint must stand up and defend his new adopted family...any way he can.

There's not much more information that can be gleaned from Berg's revelation other than the suggestion that Marvel is scoping out writers for the series. That could mean we'll soon get an announcement of a showrunner and, most importantly, the casting for Kate Bishop — the "better version" of Hawkeye, as Renner humbly said at Marvel's San Diego Com-Con panel. Renner described the series as a story following Hawkeye as he teaches someone else how to be a superhero without super powers.

Hawkeye will debut on Disney+ sometime in fall 2021.