'Paddington 2' Is Hugh Grant's Best Movie, According To Hugh Grant

Everyone loves Paddington 2. The sweet-natured, utterly charming family comedy features an incredibly polite bear, Brendan Gleeson playing a character named Knuckles McGinty, and of course, Hugh Grant as highly theatrical villain Phoenix Buchanan. Grant's career is long and storied, but if you're curious as to what the actor thinks is the best movie he's ever been in, look no further than Paddington 2.

"I was presenting I think at the Golden Globes, and they do that thing when you walk out, and they say, 'From the forthcoming Paddington 2, Hugh Grant,'" Grant told Vanity Fair. "And someone showed me Twitter afterwards, and...people were full of derision. 'Christ, has it come to that. Poor old Hugh. Paddington 2. Sequel to a kids film...It's particularly annoying in the case of Paddington 2, because I genuinely believe it may be the best film I've ever been in."

Folks: he's right. Don't get me wrong – there are plenty of movies with Grant that I like. Hell, I even like the long-forgotten 1996 thriller Extreme Measures, in which Grant plays a doctor trying to stop nefarious doctor Gene Hackman from performing human experiments. But let's get real: of all of Grant's films, Paddington 2 is the best. It's as sweet as marmalade and damn funny to boot.

Still, Grant's recognition of Paddington 2's greatness is a slight contrast to how he felt when he initially joined the cast. Director Paul King has said he wrote Grant's part with the actor in mind, and wrote Grant a letter saying so. Grant told Deadline he only took the role because he "needed a job" and that it also "might be fun." Now, with the gift of hindsight, Grant has realized it was probably the best acting decision he ever made.