Awkwafina To Star In The Adaptation Of 'The Last Adventure Of Constance Verity'

Awkwafina is going to save the world. Not only will she soon be appearing in a Marvel superhero movie, the actress and comedian will be leading a blockbuster franchise of her own. Awkwafina has been tapped to star in The Last Adventure of Constance Verity adaptation as the titular heroine of the fantasy adventure novel by A. Lee Martinez. Awkwafina will be leading The Last Adventure of Constance Verity cast under Legendary.Deadline reports that Awkwafina has been tapped by Legendary to lead The Last Adventure of Constance Verity cast as the titular heroine in the fantasy adventure film. Based on the fantasy novels by A. Lee Martinez, The Last Adventure of Constance Verity follows the eponymous young woman who has waged an epic battle against evil supernatural forces her entire life. "Chosen" to fight this battle since the day she was seven, Constance, like Buffy and many a "chosen one" before her, only wants a normal life of an office career and a date with a nice guy.

Here is the synopsis for the 2016 novel (via Google Books):

Constance Verity has been saving the world since she was seven, and she's sick of it. She sets off on one last adventure to reset her destiny and become the one thing she's never been: ordinary.

Ever since she was granted a wish at birth by her fairy godmother, Constance Verity has become the world's great adventurer. She is a master of martial arts, a keen detective, and possesses a collection of strange artifacts. Constance has spent the past twenty-eight years saving the world, and she's tired of it. All she wants is to work in an office and date a nice, normal guy. And she's figured a way out. The only problem is that saving the world is Constance's destiny. She's great at it, and there are forces at work to make sure she stays in the job.

Then again, it's also her destiny to have a glorious death.

Legendary is adapting the novel from a spec by John Raffo with the intention of starting a franchise. If this were to spawn a franchise, it would be Awkwafina's first leading role in a major blockbuster film, though she'll be appearing in plenty of high-profile projects in the next couple of years, including The Little Mermaid, Marvel's Shang-Chi and the LEgend of the ten Rings, and Ryan Murphy's adaptation of The Prom. It's been quite a whirlwind year for Awkwafina, who is coming off a luminous dramatic turn in The Farewell before she appears in the upcoming Jumanji: The Next Level. Perhaps she is a real-life superhero after all.