Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles Video Tour: Is This Now The Best Movie Theater In LA?

Watch our video tour of the new Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles location — is it the best movie theater in LA?

For a more extensive writeup of the new Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Los Angeles, read Sneak Preview: Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles Promises to be a Film Fanatic Nirvana. The video comes from our new YouTube channel Ordinary Adventures, so please subscribe if you haven't done so already! We have a lot of coverage of theme parks, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and movie events. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our weekly adventures to theme parks, movie events, magic, tabletop, and more. Get Ordinary Adventures t-shirts & merch!

In addition to the new Alamo Drafthouse, we take a look at Video Vortex, the company's reimagined video store, bar, and event space concept that allows free movie rentals of more than 40,000 blu-Ray and DVD movies, a lot of which are no longer in print or available on streaming. The space also has a cool retail component, a collection of awesome pop culture merchandise including collectibles, vinyl and screen-printed posters from Mondo. The event space is set up for regular tabletop gatherings (with a library of free to play board games) and trivia contests. The bar has over 45 beers on tap.

The hallways of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema are lined with oversized vintage movie posters that are just breathtaking to see in person.

The twelve theaters themselves are all equipped with Laser projectors (one cinema has a 35mm projector) and leather recliners — basically, every screen is equivalent to an AMC prime cinema but with addition to food ordering. The food menu is expansive, including appetizers, salads, sandwiches, snacks, pizza, Texmex and more. And a selection of almost 50 beers and ciders on tap alongside cocktails, wine and more are also available.

It's really a film lovers paradise. And the best news is that the ticket prices are not expensive, it's about the same as seeing a normal movie at a chain theater but you get the upgraded experience. The only downside, for us at least, is the downtown Los Angeles location. Despite the fact that the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Los Angeles is located at a subway stop, it's not easy to get there from where we live compared to Arclight or AMC. But it might be worth going to for some of the cinema's special events like Weird Wednesday and Terror Tuesday.