'The Morning Show' Teaser Trailer: Our First Look At The Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon Apple TV+ Series

The Morning Show is one of the many high-profile original TV series in Apple TV+'s roster as the tech company makes its bid to enter the competitive streaming field. But apart from a cast list, a very brief summary, and one still image of Jennifer Aniston, there is very little prove that this is a show that exists. But now Apple has released the first The Morning Show teaser trailer, which gives us our first look at the dramedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, and Reese Witherspoon. Watch the first The Morning Show teaser trailer below.

The Morning Show Teaser Trailer

The Morning Show promises to "pull back the curtain on early morning TV," but in this first teaser trailer, the only thing lying behind that curtain are some empty hallways and a few tense dialogue exchanges between stars Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, and star and executive producer Reese Witherspoon. Aniston and Carell play the hosts of the titular morning show, who seem to frequently butt heads and egos. Some of the disembodied dialogue includes Carell's Mitch Kessler proclaiming that he is a "journalist," while Aniston's co-anchor argues that "America loves me." Meanwhile, Witherspoon adds a familiar Southern twinge to her accent as she ponders that the audience "wants to know the person behind the desk." As the tensions rise, the camera moves lazily through the empty sets of The Morning Show which, yep, look like the sets of a morning show.

The series has been billed as a dramedy centered that will "shine a light on current issues," according to Witherspoon, who is executive producing the series. However, this teaser gives more of a dramatic impression, recalling Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom more than a rom-com like Morning Glory. Neither of those titles were very good, but hopefully The Morning Show is more than its vague teaser.

Here is the synopsis for The Morning Show:

The news is only half the story. The Morning Show stars Academy Award-winner Reese Witherspoon, Emmy Award-winner Jennifer Aniston and Emmy Award-winner Steve Carell in a high-stakes drama that pulls back the curtain on early morning TV.

The Morning Show is set to debut on Apple TV+ this fall.