Cool Stuff: Hero Complex Gallery's Blacklight 3 Art Show Brings Plenty Of Fluourescent Film Love

Hero Complex Gallery has reopened in an all-new location at 1050 S. Fairfax in Los Angeles, and they opened up their new space with Blacklight 3, the third show in a series featuring vibrant, electric artwork created with fluorescent ink that really shines when put under a blacklight. New entries in the series include pieces paying tribute to Blade Runner, IT, Beetlejuice, Skyfall, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, The Shape of Water, 2001: A Space Odyssey, John Wick, and many more. Check out the latest in the series of Hero Complex Gallery Blacklight artwork below.

Hero Complex Gallery Blacklight Artwork

Blacklight 3 - Skyfall

Above are just some of our favorites from the Blacklight 3 collection, and not all of them may be available in the Hero Complex Gallery store by now. For example, that Mandy print by Vance Kelly is completely gone from the gallery, and it won't even show up in the shop telling you it's sold out. But as you can see, there are still plenty of stunning prints to light up that blacklight room.

Other artists featured include Craig Drake, Neil Davies, Rhys Cooper, Yvan Quinet, Luke Preece, Dan Mumford, Barrett Chapman, Melvin Mago, Adam Cockerton, Danny Haas, Mainger, Aurelio Lorenzo, and more. You'll even find some enamel pins up for sale, and plenty of blacklight prints from previously revealed collections.

Head over to the Hero Complex Gallery online shop for prices, edition sizes and more prints not featured here. Whatever is on display on the shop's page for Blacklight 3 is what's available for purchase. Enjoy!