Video: Best Knotts Berry Farm Rides For Disneyland Fans

In the latest edition of Ordinary Adventures, Peter and Kitra travel to Knott's Berry Farm to experience three of their favorite rides in the park, which makes for a good introduction to Knotts for Disneyland fanatics.

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We love this charming little park and SPOILER ALERT, like a lot of Disneyland fans, we don't come here for the roller coasters! We are huge fans of the immersive, old school, dark rides and Knott's Berry Farm has some of the oldest and best in America. So these are Knotts Berry Farm rides for Disneyland fanatics: The Timber Mountain Log Ride, Calico Mine Train and Voyage to the Iron Reef.

First up we hop on Kitra's favorite ride at Knott's: The Timber Mountain Log Ride! This ride is one of the oldest log flumes in the United States and is the most popular ride at Knott's Berry Farm. This ride is themed like a 19th-century logging camp. In 2013 the ride went under refurbishment, and audio-animatronics were added. Recently, in 2019, even more animatronics were added, and we really loved the new additions! It's hard not to compare this ride to Splash Mountain at Disneyland. Timber Mountain is faster, while Splash has more drops (and more singing ?). If you are visiting Knott's for the first time, we highly recommend going on this ride, especially on a hot Southern California day!

Next on our list is (you probably guessed it): Calico Mine Train. This beloved attraction carries riders aboard train cars inside of a gold mine. This ride heavily inspired Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland, and you can really tell! The rides are similar in many ways, down to the TNT exploding scene inside the mine. The only real difference is that Big Thunder is a roller coaster and Calico is a slow-paced dark ride with tons of animatronics. We both love Calico Mine Train so much and will always go on it whenever we visit the park.

Last, but not least, we went on: Voyage to the Iron Reef. This is one of the newest and the only "3D" interactive ride at Knott's. This ride feels like a combination of Toy Story Mania at Disneyland and Transformers at Universal Studios. The Knott's Berry Farm website describes it best.. "if you have what it takes to become a brave deep sea navigator, climb aboard the four-person submarine and embark on the four-minute gaming adventure into the Iron Reef. Equipped with your interactive freeze ray, aim for ballooning puffer fish, an iron clad octopus and hundreds of other menacing 3-D creatures to save Knott's from a watery doom. You are surrounded at every turn by enchanting underwater forests, disorienting ocean current tunnels, and mysterious mechanical wreckage that is brought to life through high definition 3-D animation and other special effects."

We hope you enjoyed this video of our favorite rides at Knott's Berry Farm. Maybe in the future, we will make a separate video of our favorite thrill rides at the park! Let us know if that's something you'd be interested in seeing. Thanks so much for watching!