'Loki' Disney+ Series Brings In Kate Herron To Direct The Time-Hopping God Of Mischief

Even though Loki may have died at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Studios isn't done playing with Thor's mischievous adopted brother. Loki is one of several new shows coming to the Disney+ streaming service launching later this year, but it won't arrive until the spring of 2021. So far, there haven't been many details revealed about the comic book series focusing on a time-hopping version of Loki from The Avengers in 2012, but that changed today.

Director Kate Herron (Sex Education) has been hired to take the helm of the Loki series at Disney+, a surprising choice since the filmmaker has never tackled anything of this scale. But the array of shorts she's directed and the television she's worked on might give us an idea as to how she ended up landing the job.

We don't know much about the Loki series yet, but what we do know comes from the preceding events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Avengers: Endgame showed us, the 2012 version of Loki from The Avengers disappeared in the middle of a disagreement between SHIELD boss Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) and Earth's Mightiest Heroes about what should be done with the Tesseract. In the middle of a distraction gone wrong during part of the Avengers' time heist, a handcuffed Loki was able to grab the cube containing the Time Stone and made a fast getaway, setting the stage for the series to come.

Previously we also heard the Loki series would take the character back to certain moments in human history "as an unlikely influencer on historical events." There was even a first look at some concept art that emerged not too long ago with Loki standing in the middle of a metropolitan area in the mid 1970s. So we know that Loki will be doing some time-hopping now that he's back in possession of the Tesseract.

Kate Herron has never tackled anything like this as a director before, but looking back through her shorts and television history, it's clear she has a penchant for comedy. So it's likely we'll see a humorous slant on Loki's adventures, not unlike what director Taika Waititi did with Thor: Ragnarok. In fact, one of Herron's short films might give us an idea of how the series could play out:

At first glance, this short might not seem like it hints at what the Loki series could be like. But the film does brush the concept of time travel with a frustrated local playing a prank on a young, enthusiastic, pesky tourist girl by telling her that he's a time traveler. Of course, it all turns out to be a ruse so he can steal her phone, laptop, and a few other valuable things she's traveling with. And it's not hard to imagine Loki working just as smoothly as this gentlemen as he travels through various points in time. After all, he is the god of mischief.

Hopefully we'll hear more about Loki soon as production on the series is slated to begin early next year.