Cool Stuff: Hallmark Has Disney Classics And New Favorites For The 2019 Keepsake Ornaments Collection

Yes, we know it's still summer. But since Christmas in July is apparently a thing, we figured it couldn't hurt to round up some of the new Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments that are debuting this year. Previously, we've covered new additions to the ever-growing line of decorations with Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pixar Animation and more, but today we're focusing on strictly Disney.

Right now, Hallmark has a bunch of new Disney ornaments in the new 2019 collection featuring characters from their classic hand-drawn animated movies like The Lion King, Lady and the Tramp, and The Little Mermaid, their holiday favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas, and even their new movies like Moana and Zootopia. Check out the new Disney Hallmark Ornaments 2019 collection below.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

You can fight all fall and winter about whether or not this is a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie, but that won't stop Hallmark from selling Christmas ornaments featuring the movie's characters. This year, we get Jack Skellington dressed as Santa Claus with his skeleton reindeer, as well as two of the gifts he brings to the boys and girls: Scary Teddy and Undead Duck.

Dumbo and Lady and the Tramp

Two of Disney's older films get a pair of ornaments this season. Dumbo soars into action with his trusty mouse buddy sitting in his hat (and thankfully it's not the live-action version), while Lady and the Tramp enjoy that romantic spaghetti dinner outside in the street.

Belle and The Little Mermaid

Two of Disney's most beloved princesses each get their time in the Christmas lights with ornaments calling back to their own musical moments. Belle from Beauty and the Beast sings as she prances around the library, hoping for a better life to find her, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid wishes to be part of the world above the sea as the sun sets behind her.

Moana and Zootopia

Disney's computer animated features get some love too as a baby Moana helps a turtle get back to the sea with the help of some leaf shade. Meanwhile, the DMV sloth from Zootopia might make your Christmas cheer run out fast while he goes as slow as possible.


There's a whole world of ornaments out there, and Aladdin and Jasmine have just been added to them with their own magic carpet ride. These two will look like they're soaring around your Christmas tree on a whirlwind holiday date.

The Muppets

Finally, director Kermit shouts out how to do the holidays right. Jim Henson's favorite frog sits in a director's chair with a megaphone and that signature filmmaker's cap, ready to shoot the next scene of A Muppet Christmas Carol or whatever holiday movie he's making.